Where is the Opposition

Labour continue to hate the working class and neglect traditional voters

At these times we have never needed an opposing view in Parliment as much as we do now, The current government are laying down draconian rules with ease in a parliment what seems to be a majority of nodding dogs.
with lockdowns most affecting the working class (the very people the labour party are supposed to represent) new rules are brought in which are directly affecting these people.
the party will simply sink into irrelevance when they have many aspects to defend here but without doubt they are ignoring the facts. 

Labour has become a middle-class party with a militantly cosmopolitan world view.

Why are they not speaking up on,,,,,,,,,

  • ‘Police-state’ powers conferred by emergency decree
  • Suspension of democratic accountability – both parliamentary democracy, and the democracy of the streets (unless it’s for an approved, i.e. woke, cause such as #BLM – that’s allowed!)
  • Fettering the rights to free speech
  • State surveillance (there’s an app for that!)
  • Tech giant censorship
  • Nauseous government propaganda,


what about the meltdown of our economy with millions out of work and those about to be added to the ever growing unemployed,
its not going to be the civil service or the teachers who will be flung on the scrapheap
What about the young who have lost their future or the 50 something who will probably never get a job in the rest of their lives,


The number of people waiting more than a year for treatment on the NHS in England has doubled in just two months to more than 100,000 people


Lockdown will kill more people than the virus

So while the Labour party continue with the constant infighting over Jeremy Corbyn the parliamentary process continues to diminish and in the meantime we all are losing our freedom and rights as well as business at an alarming rate,

keir starmer

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