The Right Side of History

In the constant Covid debate there is two narratives the mainstream popular debate or the alternate unpopular fringe which chooses to challenge the narrative,
The former relies on people following the main stream media joining this movement is easy it requires back pats. no confrontations and constantly denial to the facts. they claim we are all doomed and life will not continue beyond Covid without been a prisoner in our own home or waiting for a vaccine or a combination of wearing masks etc

they love to blame skeptics on infecting people with the disease or killing grandma they never speak of building up the immune system or losing weight or simply keeping fit, no its easier to pass the blame

Opponents of the narrative have to stand up to massive social forces and state their case which are not at all radical,

they support the use of evidence which is plain to see for anybody they do not enforce the practice  of locking people down,
Sweden is a fine example of how to respond sensibly they still have less than average death numbers over the year and living a much normal life than the rest of Europe,  see more about Sweden here they do not believe in closing down the country and the educational system and a complete demolition of society and business.

Every person must have the power to look after themselves  and see the truthful information so they can decide on what is best, truthful information is not broadcast by the MSN

you have to ask yourself what is the end game who will benefit from all the social and economic destruction,

The doctors and scientists who proposed the great Barrington declaration have everything to lose they could lose jobs or be struck off from their relevant profession  they have nothing to gain

the feck

theory of concience

Every serious moral dilemma brings out two sorts of people

the majority or the people who go along with the narrative no matter how devastating it is to society or the minority who risk their very existence to resist is

The obvious example of this takes us back to Germany in the 1930s however we shall go back further

if you were to ask a group of  people back in the days of slavery they would all say they would have stood up and spoke out about slavery but looking back this is a false claim as most people went along with the flow and it was a minority who fought against the slavery movement

many doctors have spoken out against lockdown policy but what do they get only ridicule

so who is going to stand up for the minority

  • small business owners who are struggling to pay their rent
  • estimated 50 million who will fall into extreme poverty and encounter food shortages
  • for the frightened elderly who are stuck with no contact and not hugged anybody for months
  • for the people in hospital beds who face dying alone and afraid
  • for the babies and children who grow up with no smiles
  • for those contemplating suicides
  • for the mental ill
  • for the special needs kids who are deprived of their therapy’s
  • for the abused locked in their homes
  • for those waiting for vital operations

the list is endless

the anti lockdown believe these people deserve a voice and no one has the right to override what and what they cannot do

average critical care beds occupancy


Who gains from these policy's

  • The rich, the millionaires become billionaires
  • Big corporations ,pharma, tech, etc
  • People who work from home who are not affected as much as the working class
  • Goverment ministers and the public sector

They think and consider themselves so smart and their judgement much holds for everybody all they need is the media to push this agenda  who can be bought by the Government’s shilling or the mighty dollar

who deserves your trust the ant lockdowners prepared to take the unpopular cause and the risk or the lockdowners who are popular but on the wrong side of history

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