Lets Talk About Sweden

I find it quiet strange that we never talk about what is happening in Sweden, Its almost as if its a taboo conversation yet its only 1,409 kilometere away from the UK you would think its on the other side of the world. So when Boris panicked and put the whole of UK under house arrest or lockdown Sweden carried on leaving bars, restaurants and schools open, they allowed gatherings of up to 50 people and easter time they opened ski resorts and up to date their death rate has remained normal as a average. They trusted their people to be sensible and nine months down the road it looks to be the correct choise, Recently released figures showed their economy has not taken such a hit as the UK has in fact UK is second bottom of the list with Lithiuana at the top and Iceland second followed by Sweden third on the list.

The Press and Media did not take kindly to this other country doing diferrent to the UK

The Guardian
There’s a surreal calm in the last country in Europe to hold out against lockdown. But the death toll is rising and some are voicing dissent

The Telegraph
Mood darkens in Sweden as high death rate raises tough questions over lack of lockdown

Sweden to drop daily coronavirus briefings as scandal grows over its loose handling of the pandemic

10 year average death rate in sweden past 10 years


now take a look at the UK

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