The feck

The feck

anybody have any idea whats going on

because i dont have a clue

Deaths in your Area

covid deaths

Covid-19 Data Vaccine Calculator Vaccination Watch Kirklees Data Your Area Data find out how many people have died in your area using interactive map below  The interactive map allows you to see the number of deaths occurring in the period March to November 2020, where COVID-19 was mentioned as a cause on the death certificate. … Read more

PCR Testing

lab test

The current PCR Test (polymerise chain reaction) is not fit for purpose or is it? Since the pandemic started the government has based all their policies on the PCR test known as the gold standard covid test.However many scientist and Epidemiologist have continued to speak out regarding its effectiveness  “…..Unless we understand the operational false … Read more

Kirklees Cases & Deaths

Covid-19 Data Vaccine Calculator Vaccination Watch Kirklees Data Your Area Data number of cases and deaths in kirklees 3rd April 2021 Summary of the Data of Kirklees and Hospitals in the The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust which include Pontefract Hospital, Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield and Dewsbury and District Hospital if you wish to see … Read more

Lets Talk About Sweden


I find it quiet strange that we never talk about what is happening in Sweden, Its almost as if its a taboo conversation yet its only 1,409 kilometere away from the UK you would think its on the other side of the world. So when Boris panicked and put the whole of UK under house … Read more

The Right Side of History


In the constant Covid debate there is two narratives the mainstream popular debate or the alternate unpopular fringe which chooses to challenge the narrative, The former relies on people following the main stream media joining this movement is easy it requires back pats. no confrontations and constantly denial to the facts. they claim we are … Read more

Where is the Opposition


Labour continue to hate the working class and neglect traditional voters At these times we have never needed an opposing view in Parliment as much as we do now, The current government are laying down draconian rules with ease in a parliment what seems to be a majority of nodding dogs. with lockdowns most affecting … Read more

Lockdowns do they work


The word Lockdown is the term used in prisons when the prisoners are revolting The World Health Organisation (WHO) do not endorse the use of Lockdowns, they are seen as inhuman and destroy the fabric of our society