The feck

The feck

anybody have any idea whats going on

because i dont have a clue

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Bush officials stated how difficult it would be for the people to back another war absent another Pearl Harbor event… One year later 9/11.


Apparently NHS now doesn’t have the capabilities to process it’s own data, so will now not be publishing data on the following…

Critical care bed capacity.
Urgent operations that are cancelled.
Elective surgeries cancelled.
Delayed transfer of care.


“In the period March to May 2020 over 50,000 children in England had surgery from all surgical specialties postponed.”

the law is an ass
lord sumpton


Some areas in the proposed law that have raised eyebrows include:

  • People infected with dangerous diseases can be forcibly given medical examination, hospitalised, treated and placed in isolation.
  • The Danish Health Authority would be able to define groups of people who must be vaccinated in order to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease.
  • People who refuse the above can – in some situations – be coerced through physical detainment, with police allowed to assist.

Police record over 10,000 online child sex crimes in a year for the first time

so were the hospitals full?