The feck

The feck

anybody have any idea whats going on

because i dont have a clue


what we are about

Ever get sick of the narrative pushed out by the MSN?
Do you actually believe  what they tell you?,
here we try and find out what is happening.
All media have an agenda or a motive the more shocking the headline the more people will interact giving them more revenue from advertising,
People have a right to see the full picture and not what they want you to see.

boris and his merry men

As jackboot Johnson  (boris) and his hapless band of merry men continues to bring this country to its knees with its blinkered approach to Covid 19  we take a look and try and figure out what the hell is going on  and its effect it will place on all our lives.                                      

The debt of the UK has now hit £2.024 Trillion yes Trillion, according to Office for national statistics the government borrowed £35.9bn in August £30.5bn more than the government borrowed in August last year.

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